ALIV continues retail expansion with exciting mobile store introduction

ALIV continues retail expansion with exciting mobile store introduction

Bahamian-owned telecommunications company announces the launch of its latest retail addition

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – ALIV’s strong start for 2022 continues with the announcement of big changes to its retail experience.

In addition to the launch and expansion of its e-commerce platform, ALIV expanded its retail solutions with the announcement of its new mobile store. ALIV launched its mobile store experience with an exclusive event on Thursday at John Watlings where they also unveiled the Samsung S22 which will be available in-store soon.

“During the pandemic, retail made many of its greatest transformations through consistent pivoting, especially through our mobile stores,” said General Manager of Retail Patrice Thompson.

“Our fully outfitted mobile store brings the same great quality of ALIV service directly to our customers within their communities, which continues to make it easier for them to find what they need.”

The mobile shopping experience is not entirely new to ALIV. In 2019, ALIV launched its Affinity vans, which pop up at prominent locations throughout the islands for porting opportunities and plan purchases. The newly launched mobile store not only facilitates plan purchases, but also sells phones, tablets and other digital accessories.

“With international changes to retail due to the pandemic, we’re finding more innovative ways to add value for our customers and expand on the ALIV shopping experience,” said Thompson.

“These new mobile stores bring the shopping experience to our customers, which is what they’re looking for. In addition to simplifying their experience, we’re also reintroducing excitement surrounding local retail experiences.”

ALIV announced Thompson’s promotion from General Manager of New Providence to the General Manager of Retail in Dec. 2021, therefore expanding her role to develop creative and cohesive retail experiences throughout the Bahamian islands.

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