Aliv announces launch of Bahamian charity aggregator, Aliv Together

Aliv announces launch of Bahamian charity aggregator, Aliv Together

Platform will provide single access point for listing of local registered charities and NPOs

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Aliv has announced the launch of its Bahamian charity ‘aggregator’ ‘Aliv Together’, which will provide a single access point for those interested in donating to registered charities and non-profit organizations (NPOs) in The Bahamas.

The website and application created by the mobile operator’s innovation unit, Aliv Creates, has been in development for the past 18 months.

Gravette Brown, Aliv’s chief commercial officer said 15 charities and non-profit organizations are currently listed on Aliv Together, which has the capacity to list hundreds of organizations.

“We thought that this website Aliv Together could provide a unique advantage to the Bahamian community as a whole,” Brown said.

“It’s a secure website. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. It’s simply a platform for more efficient and transparent fundraising. It allows all of the charities here who have already established their own networks and have been doing excellent work around The Bahamas to broadcast what they are doing around the world.

“This website and app feature allows you to raise funds transparently, internationally and in the most convenient and efficient way you can. It gives you access to platforms all around the world and here in Nassau. It aggregates all charities in The Bahamas working for various needs in one single place for people who want to help.”

Brown noted that the launch of Aliv Together was timely in light of the numerous fundraising and relief initiatives underway in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian’s devastation.

“This will allow charities access to funds and allow donors to see where their funds are going,” said Brown, noting that only registered charities and non-profit organizations will be listed on the site.

She added, “This was the brainchild of our innovation unit within our larger commercial department called Aliv Creates, which is responsible for developing technology related tools that can sit on top of what we think is a great network we can provide. This is an entirely Bahamian initiative. No one came here and told us to do it or showed us how to do it.”

Brown noted that there are underlying fees associated with the site to cover costs such as web hosting and design.

“We charge a small transaction fee to maintain our running cost of one per cent. In the case of the Hurricane Dorian relief we have suspended those fees and will do that from time to time as part of our corporate giving,” said Brown, noting that First Caribbean Bank has partnered with Aliv in the initiative.

“We presented this proposal to numerous financial entities over the last year. They were the bank that partners with us and worked with us to produce what is truly a revolutionary site,” she said.

According to Brown, the initiative underwent an eight-month compliance process, providing a audit trail.

“We have a very strong audit trail on the back of this,” she added. “When money comes to the site the charities themselves have their own dashboard and can see immediately what they receive funds. There is a separate reconciliation that goes on with FCIB before the funds are dispersed.”

Franklyn Butler, chairman and CEO of the Cable Bahamas Group of companies said Hurricane Dorian exposes those “most at risk and those who have in a very real way”.

“To launch Together with Aliv and the CBL group is a really exciting opportunity for me personally,” he said.

Butler added, “I want to encourage the Bahamian community at large to really use this as a platform. It’s not U.S. led. It doesn’t have all of the technical issues you have to go through when you are fund raising outside The Bahamas. This is a way to really put your money to work in a tangible way.”

Gina Knowles, co-founder of the well-known non-profit HeadKnowles stressed the organization’s commitment to providing continued relief and assistance.

“HeadKnowles is not going to be stopped by anything you hear, trust me,” she said. “I’m on the ground, I’m rolling and I’m here for my country. I’m not giving up.”

Caroline Turnquest, director general of the Bahamas Red Cross said, “This is a great initiative by Aliv that extends beyond the hurricane. Right now, we are focused on the hurricane relief but after a while when the emotions would have died down persons will still need. The Bahamas Red Cross has been super busy, before, during and after the storm.”

Geoffrey Andrews, a former president of the Rotary Club of East Nassau added that the over 56-year-old organization has been raising for all of that time.

“We were successful in working with Aliv about a year ago on an auction and so we know the platform works,” he said.