Airport cab drivers slam transport minister over handling of ‘hackers’

Airport cab drivers slam transport minister over handling of ‘hackers’
Taxi operator Earnest Munnings.

A war of words erupted between taxi operators at Lynden Pindling International Airport (LPIA) and Transport Minister Frankie Campbell Sunday, when the age-old issue of ‘hackers’ at the country’s main port of entry, came to light.

“They are liars from the pits of hell,” Campbell shouted.

Reported cases of ‘hackers’ pillaging tourist jobs at the arrival terminals outside of LPIA sent taxi drivers into a frenzy Sunday and they spared no words, slamming the transport minister for reportedly ignoring the age-old problem.

In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News, taxi operator Earnest Munnings – who spoke on behalf of dozens of irate taxi drivers Sunday said, drivers are irate that the government has once again turned a blind eye to their plight.

“There are rules and laws on the book that govern livery, tour people and taxis, yet we have hacking on the doors out here,” Munnings said.

“When it’s convenient for the Nassau Airport Development (NAD) Company, they blame road traffic. And when its convenient for road traffic, they blame NAD.

“It’s very frustrating that when these tourists come and then you have to go through all these different situations out here, and still have to try and deal with taking tourists from point A to B to make a dollar.

“We haven’t heard from Campbell and the government campaigned on the premise of getting away from the status quo. Campbell is one of them that has to go.”

With some of Munnings’ colleagues cheering him on, many of them said that they were also displeased.

“When it comes to the minister, he is the worst one we have had. He is worse than former Transport Minister Glenys Hanna-Martin,” Munnings lamented.

Eyewitness News approached minister Campbell at the tail end of the government’s thanksgiving service yesterday for a response to the operators’ accusations.

Campbell said the taxi drivers’ claims are all untrue.

While he provided us with additional responses, the minister skirted away from the issue of hackers at LPIA and spoke to other issues relative to taxi operators at Prince George wharf.

“I’ve met with taxi drivers. I’ve agreed with taxi drivers at Prince George Wharf, that we are going to move to Kelly Dock. I’ve agreed with taxi drivers that we are going to change their uniform,” he said.

“The only way that could have been done is if we met.

“The problem is that they don’t subject to leadership. If I have met with their leadership and I agree with their leadership then they have to subject to leadership.”

Munnings recalled an incident in late 2017 where minister Campbell allegedly snubbed him and a number of other taxi operators.

“The minister pass through here in October from last year along with NAD. We approached him and he said we must call his office to set up a meeting. I called, they left me on hold and then he said, he didn’t have to come out here. But, if it was a week or so before election, he wouldn’t have done that,” he shared.

“Campbell need to meet with us!”