Airbnb: 73,800 guests in the past 12 months

Airbnb: 73,800 guests in the past 12 months

NASSAU, BAHAMAS -The Bahamas continues to perform well on the Airbnb platform with close to 74,000 guests having stayed in an active Airbnb listing in the past 12 months a company executive has stated.

According to Chloe Burke, Airbnb’s public policy associate for the Caribbean and Central America there are 3,300 active Bahamian listings on the online vacation home marketplace.

“There are about, 3,300 active listings in The Bahamas,” said Burke who addressed the recent Exuma Business Outlook. “There have been 73,800 guests who have stayed in an Airbnb in The Bahamas in the past 12 months. The Bahamas is performing well. The average booked nightly rate in The Bahamas is nearly double what it is anywhere else in the Caribbean.”

Burke noted that Airbnb has 122,900 active listings across the Caribbean. Airbnb has 7 million listings and in in 119 countries.

Back in August, the online vacation home announced the launch of Airbnb Experiences in The Bahamas. According to Airbnb, the new initiative “provides a unique opportunity for local culture curators to share their knowledge of the islands and what it means to be uniquely Bahamian with guests from around the world.”

In mid-2017, Airbnb signed an agreement with the Bahamian government which requires it to collect all due taxes and fees associated with Bahamas-based vacation rentals listed on its website, and ensure those landlords are in full compliance with local rules and regulations.