AG says meeting with gaming operators went well

AG says meeting with gaming operators went well

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Gaming house operators and government met to engage in dialogue for the first time Monday since both parties met in court back in August.

 Attorney General Carl Bethel confirmed to Eyewitness News on Monday that yesterday’s discussions progressed well and revealed that all parties will continue to exchange information in an effort to thoroughly discuss and plan the way forward.

The government intended on introducing a sliding gaming tax regime on the gaming industry which was set to take effect on July 1, but those plans didn’t roll out as smoothly as the Minnis led administration had expected.

Gaming operators opposed the new tax scheme and took their grievance before the court to file an injunction to stop the government from introducing the new tax roll out.

 Months later, both sides are now aiming to resolve the ongoing saga.

 Bethel confirmed that both sides will meet again in the coming weeks.

 At that time, he expects government and gaming house operators to reach a mutual agreement for the way forward.