Additional staff to increase post office revenue

Additional staff to increase post office revenue
Renward Wells, Minister of Transport and Local Government.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The introduction of additional staff at the General Post Office is expected to put an end to years of a steady decline in revenue, according to local government minister Renward Wells.

Wells recently revealed to media that the general mail hub, on East Hill Street, has experienced an overall decrease in revenue over the past seven years.

He said the post office in 2012 recorded revenue anywhere between “$5 million to $6 million dollars,” whereas in 2019, the general mail hub is only depositing approximately $2 million dollars into the public purse.

The local government minister attributed the decline to a lack of manpower, which he said ultimately affects productivity and efficiency.

He noted that the relocation of the general mail hub from its current location to the Town Centre Mall is expected to remedy this issue.

Wells announced last week Tuesday that the relocation will take place in the third week of May.

He indicated that the new location will not only provide a better environment but will also make way for new employment opportunities as well.

“For assistant post master general there are probably about five different slots for persons who will operate. So far, we just have an acting post master general and two persons who fulfill the roles as assistants,” he said.

“So, there are opportunities for another three positions. So, government will advertise for those.”

Wells also revealed that government intends to confirm the acting post master general Jennifer Johnson in the coming months as the new postmaster for the general mail hub.

There will be immediate hires for mail sorters as well, according to Wells.

“We may be able to get some sorters in because that is where the real backlog is,” he said.

Additional hires are in the pipeline, but Wells said those will have to be rolled out in the new budget period.

“I am looking forward to the new budget period to bring requisite staff into the post office to assist with the forward movement of the post office and get the post office up and running,” he said.