Active nation-wide hunt for 6 most wanted

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander. (FILE PHOTO)

“Revolving bail door poses threat”


Six of the country’s most dangerous men are actively being pursued in a nation-wide man hunt, police said at its East Street headquarters Monday.

The men are all wanted in connection with the 18 murders currently on record.

The intensified search, police said, is part of the Royal Bahamas Police Force’s (RBPF) renewed mandate from the national security chief, to stomp out crime.

Among the wanted men is Kerby Pierre, 24, of Bacardi Road.

An all-points bulletin issued during a press briefing at the police headquarters yesterday described the 24 year old as standing 5’6” tall and of slim build.

Also wanted is Andrew Burrows, also know as ‘Mice’, of Tiller Street. Burrows, 27, stands 5’11” tall and is of dark complexion.

Romero Rolle, 18, of Palm Beach Street, is  another man of interest. An all-points bulletin describes the teen as having a slim build and standing at 5’6” tall.

Twenty-eight-year-old Alfred George of Knowles Drive, stands at 5’7” and has a slim build, while the other wanted suspect, Patrick Goffee, 33, of Washington Street, is dark brown complexion and 6’3” tall.

And the other wanted man, who police only identified as ‘Conchyman’, has a dark complexion and stands at 5’6” tall.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander said, there has been a boost in police patrols within the country’s hot spots as police are deadest on finding the men, who he insisted are armed and dangerous.

However, he said, what continues to pose a challenge to law enforcement is the revolving door that exists within the criminal justice system.

This he said is evident is the number of accused murderers who have been given and continue to make bail, even after being placed before the courts numerous times.

Despite the challenge, the assistant commissioner said, officers remain resolute in finding these men and bringing them to justice.

The assistant commissioners pleaded with the public to continue to assist the police in its efforts to rid the streets of criminals.