Abaconians brace for Hurricane Dorian’s arrival

Abaconians brace for Hurricane Dorian’s arrival

ABACO, BAHAMAS — As Hurricane Dorian, the first major storm for the 2019 Atlantic Hurricane Season, makes its way to The Abacos; Abaconians were yesterday making final storm preparations to secure their homes and businesses.

Numerous Abaco residents told Eyewitness News Online they have been tracking the Category 4 storm which could further strengthen by the time it reaches The Abacos.

“I always say it’s better to be safe than to be sorry you know, so I am just preparing for the worst,” Fox Town resident Devin Saunders said.

Residents were busy erecting shutters and fixing plywood to their homes, businesses.

Government buildings, local clinics and schools were also being secured for the “powerful” storm.

Roads were congested with motorists seeking to make final preparations.

“It’s pretty crazy; the lines are very long and everywhere you go in Abaco today people are just buying and getting ready,” said Emery Burrows, a Sandy Point Resident. 

Spring City resident Jasmine Curry added, “Everyone is just going crazy. The hardware, the food stores, the bakery, the pharmacy; everyone is making sure they are prepared.

Standard Hardware Manager Scott Weatherford told Eyewitness News Online that they could barely keep supplies, namely plywood and nails readily available for the droves of Abaconians in search of materials to secure their properties.

“Basically, we’ve been selling plywood, nails, all the things necessary for Hurricane preparation,” Weatherford said.

“I think this year people are really beginning to pay attention to the reports and they are preparing.”

Abaco has been devastated by storms in years past, one of the most notable being Hurricane Lloyd in 1999.

Wood Cay resident Joseph Cay said Floyd taught residents a lesson they will not soon forget.

“Hurricane Floyd taught us a lesson to be prepared,” he said. “It might come and might also not come. But, if it does at least you’d be prepared.”

“Floyd was a lesson and the worst storm I’ve ever seen.”

Shoppers at Maxwell’s Supermarket who spoke with Eyewitness News Online said they were stocking up on as much supplies as possible.

“I am getting a lot of pampers and milk and essentials for my baby,” said Brandisha Adderley, another resident of Spring City.

Dundas Town resident, Sabrina Cornish, said, “I have a lot of bread, snacks for the kids, canned goods, juices, cereals and all sorts of things. I’m taking this very seriously.”

Marsh Harbour Resident Rick Knowles said, “Whatever is left on he shelf I’m going to grab that and head home. I’ll secure my house and my boat.”

Hurricane Dorian is expected to make landfall in The Abacos as a Category 4 storm. 

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