Abaco poultry producers hoping to re-engage with major retailers

Abaco poultry producers hoping to re-engage with major retailers

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — An Abaco-based poultry farm is hoping that with its $45,0000 hatchery now operational, its chick supply can stabilize, allowing the company to re-engage with some of the larger local retailers. 

Lance Pinder, Operations Manager at Abaco Big Bird told Eyewitness News: “I’ve had my first eggs in the incubator for about a week. Right now, I can get about 6,500 eggs. If that goes well, I’ll expand it. It takes 21 days for those chicks to hatch, so the last week of the month they should hatch.”

Pinder noted that supply shortages had impacted the company’s ability to secure layer eggs from regular suppliers, hampering its operations. 

“Considering the shortage of chicks and the problem sourcing over the last year, this is a big deal for us,” he said.

“It’s the only way we could see to help solve the issue and so we pulled the trigger. The setup we have right now could really support all of our needs. It’s a big deal. We’ve invested about $45,000 into it.”

Pinder continued: “The Fall is always kind of slow here in Abaco when all the tourists leave. We’re hoping with this hatchery — if we can get our chick supply stabilized- we could try to re-engage some of the larger retailers like Supervalue and AML Foods. We want to be able to get back in those stores because people have been asking for it. We’re hoping to get back there.”