Abaco Big Bird set for Nassau home delivery service

Abaco Big Bird set for Nassau home delivery service

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — A Bahamian poultry manufacturer said yesterday that it plans to introduce a home delivery service for its products in Nassau “within the next week or two”.

Lance Pinder, operations manager told Eyewitness News that its production capacity is still only at 10 percent pre-Hurricane Dorian levels.

Pinder said: “We still have a lot of rebuilding to do. We lost my aunt who was a big part of this business back in September. That was a big blow.

“We have two chicken houses that are functional right now. We’re pushing along. We have plans to offer home delivery service to our customers in Nassau. We are working with some people on that. I think that’s going to happen within the next week or two, a farm to table type set up.”

Pinder said: “You order your locally grown Abaco Big Bird chicken and get it delivered will to your house. You won’t have to buy a case. I think initially customers will be able to purchase a few whole chickens or a 10-pound bag of chicken leg quarters. This is something we were planning pre-COVID and it’s gotten even more important now as not everyone wants to go out.”

According to Pinder, prior to Hurricane Dorian, the company was harvesting 40,000 chickens a month, though now it is producing 4,000 a month.

“Nassau used to take about half of our produce,” he continued.

“Now everything is out of whack. Abaco isn’t where it used to be and COVID-19 slowed down construction. We’re not quite sure what the Nassau market is like right now but we know there is a lot of interest. A lot of people in Nassau have been asking when they can get the product again. It will still be on a limited basis but we know we have some loyal customers in Nassau and we’re trying to get them something.”

Pinder said the company is looking forward to the tourism industry’s reopening on November 1.

“We wonder how many tourists we will get. The tourists and second homeowners were important to our business.”

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