Abaco Big Bird eyeing market return by summer 2020

Abaco Big Bird eyeing market return by summer 2020
Devastation at Abaco's Big Bird’s poultry production plant

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – A well-known Abaco poultry producer says it is eyeing a return to the market between late March and June of next year.

Lance Pinder, operations manager for Abaco Big Bird told Eyewitness News Online: “We are planning to start some production up again after doing the research of how it could be accomplished with the challenges before us.

“We have identified a few key areas where we can make some minimal investments in to get back on the market between March and June.

Pinder said: “We do not foresee making any large investment in crown land we have been leasing for 25 years if we cannot get a grant to be able to own it.”

According to Pinder, the poultry producer is hoping to incorporate “as much solar as possible” going forward.

“Things are still moving very slowly.” he said.

“It is like being in limbo. It’s great to have the grocery store going and at least one bank. A hardware store is the next thing sorely missed.

“Building supplies are in very short supply. It’s very difficult even if you order stuff from the US, if a few bolts or screws are missing you’re stuck,” Pinder told Eyewitness News Online.

Pinder also argued that government bureaucracy and red tape continues to hamper the island’s rebound, noting the slow response time and ‘slew of documents’ he was asked to provide to open three smaller businesses on the island.

“So much for cutting red tape and a quick turnaround,” Pinder added.