New political party throws its hat in the mix

New political party throws its hat in the mix

Eyes 2022 General Election

A new political party is hitting the country’s two most dominant political parties with an aggressive stance to bring change to what they note to be an ‘antiquated political system’.

“The mindset of the Bahamian people are changing they recognize that these two governments are the same, and it’s just a regurgitation of the same things,” said Dr. Kevin King, leader of the Kingdom Government Movement (KGM).

The party admits that while it is attempting to address some of the country’s most pressing issues, it plans to focus on transforming the country’s economic progression.

“One of the most pressing mandates of the KGM regime is to promote and avail in the development and transformation of an incipient economy in The Bahamas where wealth will be diversified for expansion – to include and empower the masses,” he explained.

The party is looking to contest the 2022 General Election, and it’s bringing a strong stance to current hot topics including its view that The Bahamas should not be a part of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

“The WTO is not good for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,” he said.

“We are still a very young nation and we have yet to experience.”

Dr. King said the party is also an advocate for Bahamians regaining ownership of their natural resources.

The party’s leaders – who expressed throughout their press conference the importance of kingdom leadership through laws that align biblically – said they are not solely inclusive to Christianity.