A new PLP? Party gets ready to rebrand

A new PLP? Party gets ready to rebrand
Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Chairman, Senator Fred Mitchell. (FILE PHOTO)

Almost a year after its crushing defeat in the May 2017 General Elections, the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) said recently that it will reposition itself, by launching a series of meetings with party members and supporters nationwide to revamp and refocus.

The latest meeting was held in Grand Bahama Thursday night.

As he addressed attendees, PLP Chairman Fred Mitchell said, if a snap election is called the party wants to be prepared.

“One of the ways we think we can be ever ready is if we have a structure in place where we know who is a member of the party,” Mitchell said.

“We need to know that we have functioning branches in every constituency in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, so that when we need to mobilize people, we know exactly who to call upon and know that they will be able to respond.”

Mitchell explained that every branch of the party is being asked to submit a list of party members. It’s a process that he said started in January however, so far, only about 40 per cent of the party’s branches have complied their lists.

“They have either been unwilling or unable to do so,” he said.

The PLP chairman added that party meetings will become more routine to keep better connected to the masses.

“Many people have said, and have gotten up on a platform and said, Minnis should ring the bell. Gone are the days when you wait until the last minute. We want to organize now and get the ducks in order to make sure we have the structure to fight a general election,” he said.

During the month of May, the PLP is expected to hold branch executive elections.