Fox Hill gears up for annual festival

Fox Hill gears up for annual festival
Member of Parliament for Fox Hill, Shonel Ferguson.

The Fox Hill constituency is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Fox Hill Festival next month. Typically, the duration of the festival would be seven to eight days however, to celebrate this significant year, the Fox Hill Festival Committee extended the duration to 30 days.

Fox Hill Member of Parliament (MP) Shonel Ferguson emphasized some of the highlights of the festival.

“The exhibit will show us things to tell us where we came from. Last year they had a wedding dress from a resident’s mother which was 140 years- old, old bird cages, and box carts. People can also learn how to grind corn and catch crab in the crab release competition,” Ferguson said.

She said she “hopes this year the festival will be bigger and better this year”.

“We invite not only Fox hill but the entire Bahamas to come out and support. Fox Hill is listed as the third safest area in New Providence,” she said.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force offered these tips on how to stay safe during the festival.

  1. Take a digital photograph of the child or children that will be in your care at the festival in the clothes they will be wearing that day. In case your child is lost during the events.
  2. Discuss with the children what to do if they somehow lose their parent … where would you go and what to do while you are there.
  3. We advise the public to not use parking lots as a designated spot to meet up if lost.
  4. Write your name and contact information somewhere on the child. in the event a child is injured and can’t say who they are.
  5. Identify a second meeting place with the child in case of separation.

The festival opens Friday, July 20 and ends August 18. Some of the highlights of the festival includes: a youth parliament, basketball tournament, a tour for senior citizens of Fox Hill, a tour of historic sites in Fox Hill, exhibition of things Fox Hill, and a homecoming day when persons of the Fox Hill diaspora will be invited and welcomed back home.


This article was written by RIEL MAJOR, Eyewitness News intern.