92 illegal migrants repatriated

92 illegal migrants repatriated
Fred Smith, QC (rear), celebrates with Jean Rony Jean-Charles (centre) and members of his family after leaving court yesterday.

A total of 92 illegal migrants were repatriated to their respective native countries Department of Immigration Chief, Clarence Russell confirmed.

Friday morning, 88 Haitian nationals were returned to Haiti via Bahamasair’s jet service to Haiti. In addition, three Jamaicans were returned to Jamaica and one Venezuelan to Venezuela.

Another 30 Haitian nationals were escorted to Court #8 on Nassau Street yesterday afternoon having been charged with various criminal offenses. The group was set to meet with Magistrate Sabusola Swain.

Eyewitness will keep you updated on any other developments that may arise.

The repatriation exercise comes just weeks after the ruling in favour of Bahamian-born Jean Rony Jean Charles to stay and work in the country.

Jean Charles became the center of controversy after he was picked up by immigration officials last September and subsequently deported to Haiti. Jean Charles was born in The Bahamas but has never applied for citizenship.

He returned to The Bahamas on Saturday afternoon after Justice Hilton ruled the government return Jean- Charles to the country and grant him status to once he makes an application.

Jean Charles is currently suing the Bahamas government for $1 million.