4M Harbour Island Ltd files supplemental EIA document

4M Harbour Island Ltd files supplemental EIA document
An aerial view of Harbour Island. (FILE PHOTO)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The public is advised that on December 3, 2020, a supplemental environmental document for the 4M Harbour Island Ltd project on Harbour Island, The Bahamas, was filed with the Department of Environmental Planning and Protection (DEPP) by Caribbean Coastal Services Ltd on behalf of 4M Harbour Island Ltd and 4M Harbour Island 2 Ltd (collectively, 4M).

The document pertains to activities that will include the development of 19.8 acres of land, which will be subdivided for residential units.

A copy of the supplemental environmental document is available online at www.brilandclubinfo.com. The document can be downloaded from the site, and all comments and questions can be directed to 4M directly in writing at info@brilandclub.com and to the DEPP director in writing at inquiries@depp.gov.bs. Anyone who has trouble accessing the document is advised to contact info@brilandclub.com.

A joint public meeting will be held virtually on December 18, 2020 at 6pm with DEPP and the Harbour Island District Council. Interested parties may check the website www.brilandclubinfo.com for the meeting link. A hard copy of the document is also available at the office of the Harbour Island District Council on Harbour Island during normal business hours.