4 dead in Labour Day tragedy

Four Persons died following an horrific accident on Labour Day

Four families are left to mourn after a traffic accident took the lives fo four women Friday morning.

The victims of the traffic fatality today have been officially identified as Dianne Elizabeth Ferguson, 55; Kathleen Augusta Fernander, 51; Tabitha Charlene Haye, 41 and Tami Patrice Gibson, 48.

According to police reports shortly after 10:00am, the Annual Labour Day Parade was traveling north on East Street in the vicinity of Shirley Street, when a green Ford F150 truck, which was a part of the parade, descended the hill towards Shirley Street.

The vehicle – which at the time was without a driver – collided into a number of persons who were apart of the parade, resulting in them receiving injuries.

The vehicle came to a stop, after colliding into a Nissan vehicle which was parked in a nearby parking lot. Two persons were pronounced dead on the scene.

Twenty-six others were transported to hospital, where two females succumbed to their injuries. The driver of the truck was taken into custody and is assisting with the investigation. Traffic Department Personnel are continuing investigation into this matter.