27-year-old man believed to have drowned at South Beach Canals

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The body of a 27-year-old man was fished out of the South Beach Canal yesterday after he reportedly drowned while swimming with a group of people.

Police Press Liason ASP Audley Peters advised that a complaint went to the South Beach Police station shortly after 12pm and reported that a family member had drowned at the canal.

Police officers along with defense force officers conducted a search of the area and was able to locate the body of the man in the water.

Emergency services attempted to administer CPR but it was not successful.

Police said an autopsy will be conducted to determine his exact cause of death.

Peters indicated that police are handling the matter as a suspected drowning, noting that the man was in swimming attire and had no injuries to the body.

He furthered urged extreme caution to those who opt to swim at the canals.

“We’d encourage individuals who want to do their swimming and are not strong swimmers to use the beaches rather than the canals,” Peters said.

“And if you choose to use the canals, that you would hopefully be a strong swimmer and swim along with individuals who can assist you if something happens.

“And if you are aware you have an underlying condition, you should especially use the beaches if you need to cool down during the summer months.”



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