20th GB Business Outlook set for tomorrow

Zhivargo Laing

The 20th Annual Grand Bahama Business Outlook is slated to begin tomorrow at the Grand Lucayan Resort. The event, a production of The Counsellors Group, will be under the theme, ‘How to revitalize Grand Bahama’ and will create a platform for stakeholders from both public and private sectors to develop a plan for the island’s economic resurgence.

Former State Minister for Finance and radio talk show host, Zhivargo Laing, will be one of the presenters at the event. Laing says a viable plan is long overdue for the island.

“If anyone tells you they know exactly what is going to happen in the future, they are being dishonest and unwise,” said Laing. “What can happen is you can know on probability and odds. The question remains, ‘are we sowing the types of seeds that will produce what we want?’

“I believe that, based on what I’ve seen, we will get a clear answer to that question.”

Chief Operating Officer at Bahamas Power and Light, Christina Alston, is also expected to address attendees at the event. Her primary goal – to hone in on the Paris Accord Agreement, which The Bahamas signed on to last year as part of a global attempt to reduce carbon emissions.

“We are not as educated as we could be,” she said. “As to what the carbon foot print is and the implications, I want to ask them [businesses] what their corporate responsibility well and could be as we work together toward that 20/30 intiative.