2021 ELECTION FAQS: List of candidates and constituencies

2021 ELECTION FAQS: List of candidates and constituencies


Bain & Grants Town

Travis Robinson (Free National Movement)

Wayde Watson (Progressive Liberal Party)

Kino Lockhart (Democratic National Alliance)

Donna Dorsett-Major (Coalition of Independents)

Brenda Harris-Pinder (United Coalition)

Michelle Malcolm (Grand Commonwealth Party)  


Bamboo Town

Renward Wells (Free National Movement)

Patricia Deveaux (Progressive Liberal Party)

Omar Smith (Democratic National Alliance)

Maria Daxon (Coalition of Independents)

Garth Roseboro (United Coalition)

Pallis Lockhart (Kingdom Government Movement)



Desmond Bannister (Free National Movement)

Keith Bell (Progressive Liberal Party)

Arinthia Komolafe (Democratic National Alliance)

Charlotte Green (Coalition of Independents)

Samuel Johnson (Kingdom Government Movement)

Glen Rolle (Grand Commonwealth Party)

O’Brien Knowles (Independent) 



Courtney Coulibaly (Free National Movement)

Jomo Campbell (Progressive Liberal Party)

Frederick Sawyer (Democratic National Alliance)

Ambrose Nixon (Coalition of Independents)

Reece Chipman (Independent)

Arrie Percentie (Independent)



Dr Duane Sands (Free National Movement)  

Jobeth Coleby-Davis (Progressive Liberal Party)

Hillary Deveaux (Democratic National Alliance)

Cara Ellis (Coalition of Independents)

Bernard Rolle (United Coalition)

Prodesta Moore (Grand Commonwealth Party)

Craig Bowe (Independent) 



Quintin Percentie (Free National Movement)

Glenys Hanna-Martin (Progressive Liberal Party)

Zharvargo Black (Democratic National Alliance)

Faith Percentie (Coalition of Independents)

Matthew Smith (United Coalition)

Kristen Hepburn (Independent) 


Fort Charlotte

Drumeco Archer (Free National Movement)

Alfred Sears (Progressive Liberal Party)

Dapheney Johnson (Coalition of Independents)

Nelda Fox (United Coalition)  

Fontella Chipman-Rolle (Independent)

Angela Cox (Independent)

Percival Roberts (Independent) 


Fox Hill

John Pinder (Free National Movement)

Fred Mitchell (Progressive Liberal Party)

Ricardo Forbes (Democratic National Alliance)

Yvette Prince (Coalition of Independents)

Karen St Cyr (United Coalition)

Michelle Wildgoose (Independent)



Dionisio D’Aguilar (Free National Movement)

Wayne Munroe (Progressive Liberal Party)

Patrice Hanna-Carey (Coalition of Independents)

Shammine Lindsay (United Coalition)

Shamicka Dean (Independent) 


Garden Hills

Stephen Greenslade (Free National Movement)

Mario Bowleg (Progressive Liberal Party)

Derek Smith (Democratic National Alliance)

Rithmond McKinney (Coalition of Independents)

Ali McIntosh (United Coalition)

Sinisha Thompson (Kingdom Government Movement)

Boykin Smith (Independent)

Kareem Hanchell (Independent)

Pachino Sherman (Independent) 


Golden Gates

Michael Foulkes (Free National Movement)

Pia Glover-Rolle (Progressive Liberal Party)

Lamont Nixon (Democratic National Alliance)

Sharmaine Adderley (Coalition of Independents)

Antonio Miller (Independent)

Anthony Rahming (Independent)

Sidney Sands (Independent)

Urill Usher (Independent)


Golden Isles

Brian Brown (Free National Movement)

Vaughn Miller (Progressive Liberal Party)

Antoine Ferguson (Democratic National Alliance)

Don King (Coalition of Independents)

Caron Shepherd (United Coalition)

Alexander S Kemp Sr (Independent)

Eric Bess Sr (Independent) 



Dr Hubert Minnis (Free National Movement)

Ronald Duncombe (Progressive Liberal Party)

Kendal Lewis (Democratic National Alliance)

Richa Sands (Coalition of Independents)

Celi Moss (Independent) 



Romauld Ferreira (Free National Movement)

Lisa Rahming (Progressive Liberal Party)

Zacchaeus Glass (Democratic National Alliance)

S Ayesha Cleare (Coalition of Independents)

Raquel Horton (United Coalition)

Brian McHardy (Independent) 

Stella Thompson (Independent)


Mount Moriah

Marvin Dames (Free National Movement)

Mckell Bonaby (Progressive Liberal Party)

Dr Carnille Farquharson (Democratic National Alliance)

Jacqueline McKenzie (Coalition of Independents)

Samuel Strachan (United Coalition)

Stephen Serrette (Independent) 


Nassau Village

Nicole Martin (Free National Movement)

Jamahl Strachan (Progressive Liberal Party)

Zerline Ferguson (Democratic National Alliance)

Jason Gibson (Coalition of Independents)

Halson Moultrie (United Coalition)

Mario Woodside (Independent) 



Reuben Rahming (Free National Movement)

Myles Laroda (Progressive Liberal Party)

Stephen Nesbitt (Democratic National Alliance)

Lincoln Bain (Coalition of Independents)



Maxine Seymour (Free National Movement)

Leslia Brice (Progressive Liberal Party)

Sherrene Harris (Democratic National Alliance)

Ann-Marie Glinton-Rolle (Coalition of Independents)

Keva L Brown (United Coalition)

Dereck Bullard (Kingdom Government Movement)

Zina Smith (Independent) 


South Beach

Jeffrey Lloyd (Free National Movement)

Bacchus Rolle (Progressive Liberal Party)

Jermaine Higgs (Democratic National Alliance)

Devon Emmanuel (Coalition of Independents)

Anastacia Bethel (United Coalition)

Nathaniel Higgs (Kingdom Government Movement)

Micklyn P Seymour (Righteous Government Movement)

Simon Smith (Independent)


Southern Shores

Frankie Campbell (Free National Movement)

Pastor Leroy Major (Progressive Liberal Party)

Ronn Rodgers (Coalition of Independents)

Shakantala Johnson (Kingdom Government Movement)

Whitney T Marche (Righteous Government Movement)

Livingston Lynes Jr (Independent) 


St Anne’s

Adrian White (Free National Movement)

Chris Saunders (Progressive Liberal Party)

Luisa Jorrin-Wells (Democratic National Alliance)

Shaniese Miller (Coalition of Independents)

Otis Forbes (FTMMP — Independent/Other) 


St Barnabas

Shanendon Cartwright (Free National Movement)

Michael Halkitis (Progressive Liberal Party)

Theodore “Teddy” Russell (Democratic National Alliance)

Kermit Agaro (Coalition of Independents)

Alexander Kemp (Kingdom Government Movement)

Michael Peter Butler (Independent)

Karen Butler (Independent) 


Tall Pines

Don Saunders (Free National Movement)

Dr Michael Darville (Progressive Liberal Party)

Theophilus Coakley (Democratic National Alliance)

Kendall Richardson (Coalition of Independents)

Philippa A Lundy (United Coalition)



Elsworth Johnson (Free National Movement)

Zane Lightbourne (Progressive Liberal Party)

Chad Rutherford (Coalition of Independents)

Charlene Paul (United Coalition)

Arnold Simmons (Independent)

Lisa Williams (Independent) 



Central Grand Bahama

Iram Lewis (Free National Movement)

Kirk Russell (Progressive Liberal Party)

Latanya Ferguson-Strachan (Coalition of Independents)

Troy Garvey (United Coalition)

Rollington Cooper Jr (Kingdom Government Movement)


East Grand Bahama

Kwasi Thompson (Free National Movement)

James Turner-Rolle (Progressive Liberal Party)

Albertha Cooper (Coalition of Independents)

Dr Kevin King (Kingdom Government Movement)

Charlene Jones (Independent) 


Marco City

Michael Pintard (Free National Movement)

Curt Hollingsworth (Progressive Liberal Party)

Stephon Forbes (Democratic National Alliance)

Crystal Smith (Coalition of Independents)

Demetrius Symonette (Kingdom Government Movement)

Dexter Edwards (Righteous Government Movement)

Kevin Ferguson (Independent)

Dexter Cleare (Independent)



Welbourne Bootle (Free National Movement)

Ginger Moxey (Progressive Liberal Party)

Belinda Williams (Kingdom Government Movement)

Frederick McAlpine (Independent)

Shandokan Wilson (Independent)

Tavia Lowe (Independent)


West Grand Bahama & Bimini

Pakesia Parker-Edgecombe (Free National Movement)

Obie Wilchcombe (Progressive Liberal Party)

Mario Mott (Democratic National Alliance)

Stefan Hall (Coalition of Independents)

Hyram Rolle (United Coalition)

Randall N Cooper (Kingdom Government Movement)

Obrian Rolle (Righteous Government Movement)

Wesley Peet (Independent)

Daquan Swain Independent) 



Central & South Abaco

Vandea Stuart (Free National Movement)

John Pinder II (Progressive Liberal Party)

Antoinette Dean (Coalition of Independents)

Eva Bain (Kingdom Government Movement)


North Abaco

Darren Henfield (Free National Movement)

Kirk Cornish (Progressive Liberal Party)

Cay Mills (Coalition of Independents)

Renardo Curry (Kingdom Government Movement)

Kathleen Knowles-Seymour (Righteous Government Movement)


North Andros & the Berry Islands

Carlton Bowleg (Free National Movement)

Leonardo Lightbourne (Progressive Liberal Party)

Harringtion Frazier (Kingdom Government Movement)

Felicia Evans (Independent) 


Mangrove Cay & South Andros

D’Angelo Ferguson (Free National Movement)

Leon Lundy (Progressive Liberal Party)

Trevour Green (Coalition of Independents)

Cornelius McKinney (United Coalition)

Yorick Sands (Independent)

Angelo Smith (Independent) 


Cat Island, Rum Cay & San Salvador

Felicia Knowles (Free National Movement)

Philip Brave Davis (Progressive Liberal Party)

Angelino Cooper (Coalition of Independents)


Central & South Eleuthera

Stephen “Hank” Johnson (Free National Movement)

Clay Sweeting (Progressive Liberal Party)

Cassius Stuart (United Coalition) 

Alphonso Albury (Independent) 


North Eleuthera

Howard Rickey Mackey (Free National Movement)

Sylvannus Petty (Progressive Liberal Party)

McClain Pinder (United Coalition)

Dwight Cambridge (Independent) 


The Exumas & Ragged Island

Jennifer Isaacs-Dotson (Free National Movement)

Chester Cooper (Progressive Liberal Party)

Deidre Ann Taylor (Independent)


Long Island

Adrian Gibson (Free National Movement)

Tyrel Young (Progressive Liberal Party)

Sidney Carrol (United Coalition)

Shakeil Adderley (Independent)


MICAL (Mayaguana, Inagua, Crooked Island, Acklins & Long Cay) 

Miriam Emmanuel (Free National Movement)

Basil McIntosh (Progressive Liberal Party)

Philan Bowe (Coalition of Independents)

Pearl Pratt (Independent)