Sport/Name            Sex                Category                    Event[s]   



Justin Roberts           Male              Athlete                       Men’s Single/Double

Baker Newman          Male              Athlete                      Men’s Single/Double

Derron Donaldson    Male               Coach




Albury Higgs              Female          Athlete                      200 Breaststroke/Relays

Lilly Higgs                  Female          Athlete                  100 Freestyle/200 Freestyle/Relays

Laura Morley             Female          Athlete                  100 Breaststroke/200 Freestyle/

200 Individual Medley


Ariel Weech                   Female         Athlete                      50 Freestyles/ Relays


DaVante Carey               Male            Athlete                          100 Backstroke


N’Nhyn Fernander         Male           Athlete                         100 Butterfly


Jared Fritzgerald             Male           Athlete                       100 Freestyle


Gershwin Greene             Male          Athlete                           50 Freestyle


William Tyler Russell     Male            Athlete                    100 Breaststroke/200 Breaststroke


Luke-Kenndedy Thompson   Male     Athlete                       1500 Freestyle/

200 Individual Medley


Andrew Loveitt                       Male          Coach


Jorge Rodriguez                       Male         Assistant Coach


Rochelle Bastian                    Female     Team Manager



Athletics/Name             Sex            Category           Event[s]


Warren Fraser                     Male              Athlete          Men’s 100m


Samson Colebrooke           Male              Athlete          Men’s 100m


Cliff Resias                           Male              Athlete          Men’s 200m


Alonzo Russell                     Male              Athlete          Men’s 400m/4×4 Relay


Jeffrey Gibson                     Male              Athlete          Men’s 400m Hurdles


Andre Colebrooke              Male              Athlete          Men’s 400m Hurdles/4×4 Relay


Donald Thomas                  Male              Athlete          High Jump


Jamaal Wilson                     Male              Athlete          High Jump


Latario Collie                       Male              Athlete          Triple Jump


Lathone Collie                     Male              Athlete          Triple Jump


Ojay Ferguson                     Male              Athlete          Men’s 4X400 Relay


Michael Mathieu                Male              Athlete          Men’s 4×400 Relays


Brianne Bethel                    Female          Athlete          Women’s 100m/200m/4×100

Devynne Charlton             Female          Athlete          Women’s 100m/4×100/

100m Hurdles


Tynia Gaither                       Female          Athlete     Women’s 200m/100m Hurdles/

4×100 Relay


Anthonique Strachan          Female        Athlete         Women’s 200m/4×100 Relay



Doneisha Anderson             Female          Athlete        Women’s 400m



Pedrya Seymour                   Female            Athlete      Women’s 100 Hurdles/4×100



Katrina Seymour                   Female            Athlete      Women’s 400m Hurdles


Tyrone Burrows                  Male                  Coach


James Rolle                          Male                  Coach


Kennord Mackey                Male                  Coach


Rudolph Ferguson              Male                  Coach





Judo/Name                 Sex                     Category            Events


Cynthia Rahming                Female                     Athlete                      57 kg


SashaIngraham                  Female                      Athlete                      78kg


Onesi Portorreal Pons       Male                          Coach



Executives                          Sex                     Position


D’Arcy Rahming                  Male                         Chef de Mission


Dawn Johnson                     Female                     BOC Team Manager


Oria Wood                            Female                      Sub Chef de Mission




Medical                             Sex                           Position   


Dr. Rickey Davis                  Male                          Medical Doctor


Dr. Keir Miller                      Male                          Medical Doctor


Cottrice Robinson               Female                      Physio-Therapist


Jenna Gibsion                      Female                      Physio-Therapist


Dr. Phillip Claussen            Male                          Chiropractor




Journalists                           Sex


Romeiko Knowles                           Male


Fred  Sturrup                                   Male











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Randy Smith is the producer of the widely-watched local television show “Beyond The Headlines” and the web content manager of Eyewitness News. He joined Eyewitness News as a sportscaster in 2018, a role he still performs, and has previously covered a slew of international sporting events, including the 2015 Pan American Games, the Nike EYBL Showcase, several IAAF World Relays, the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, the Commonwealth Youth Games, the Bahamas Bowl and multiple CARIFTA Swimming and Track & Field Championships. Randy has been recognized by the Bahamas Press Club with awards for “Best Sports Broadcast” as a sportscaster and “Best TV Talk Show” as a producer.