$2 million earmarked for new housing development

$2 million earmarked for new housing development

The government will spend $2 million to complete 300 homes in the Carmichael Village Subdivision, revealed Minister of Housing Romuald Ferreira on Wednesday.

He said the Government also has additional areas in mind.

“We have three subdivisions that we are really focused on: Sunset Close Edition, Lionel Davis Estates and of course the one in Carmichael Village,” Ferreira said.

Ferreira said in order to get approval for these subdivisions, the area had to be reconfigured to create more lots.

“So instead of developing just over 300 lots, we are able to create 370, giving more Bahamians a chance at homeownership,”  Ferreira said.

Earlier this year, the Housing Minister announced that qualification numbers [to own a home] were down as many Bahamians were in debt or had high consumer loans. Despite this Ferreira encouraged Bahamians to head to the Ministry of Housing and fill out applications to see if they are qualified.