$1Mil U.S., drugs found in Grand Bahama

A million dollars in United States (U.S.) currency and over $60,000 worth of dangerous drugs were seized in two separate incidents early Monday morning, according to authorities.

Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) officers said the first find occurred shortly after midnight.

DEU officers and the Rapid Response Unit on Grand Bahama went to a home on Hampshire Drive, South Bahamia.

Armed with a search warrant, officers said they searched the residence and discovered over $1million in U.S. currency.

No arrests were made in this matter, however, police said they are actively investigating.

Three hours later, in the same community, authorities said they made another discovery.

Shortly after 3:00 a.m., DEU officers and the Rapid Response Unit went to an apartment on Hampshire Drive, South Bahamia.

Police said, upon searching the residence, officers discovered a duffle bag stashed in the ceiling. The bag contained almost 10 pounds of suspected hashish and a little more than 45 pounds of suspected marijuana, police said.

The drugs are said to have a combined street valued of $65,000.

Two adult Bahamian males were arrested in connection with the drug bust.

Authorities are said to be actively investigating the million-dollar seizure and have issued an appeal to anyone with information regarding the matter, to contact police anonymously at 919 or Crime Stoppers at 328-8477.