13th Exuma Outlook Upcoming

13th Exuma Outlook Upcoming
Bringing together presenters from key economic sectors, the 13th Annual Exuma Business Outlook is scheduled to place 24 October at Sandals Emerald Bay Resort, Georgetown.
Examining the economic potential of the Exuma subgroup will be Pedro Rolle, President, Exuma Chamber of Commerce; John Rolle, Governor, The Central Bank; Dave Smith, Managing Director, Bahamas Development Bank; Dr Nicola Virgill-Rolle, Director, National Insurance Board; Andre Knowles, Chief Commercial Officer, BTC, Algernon Cargill, Director of Aviation, MOT; Patrick Dwyer, President, Farmers’ Association; Chloe Burke, Airbnb’s public policy associate for the Caribbean and Central America; Tarran Simms, Sustainable Tourism, Ministry of Tourism & Aviation (MOT), Andros and Delmaro Duncombe, Senior Aliv Partner.
“We must appreciate that the way forward for the economies of the Family Islands lies in recognizing the unique potential of each and the factors that can spur the development of that potential. It is with this brand of thinking that we have assembled the presenters for the 2019 Exuma Business Outlook (EXBO). Exuma, with all its superb natural assets, is an economic sleeping giant that must be awakened in a sustainable, collaborative way.
“Local leaders we interviewed recently are all saying that the Ministry of Tourism’s “Bahamas is open for business” marketing campaign is working, tourism is up, Airbnbs are growing and Exuma enjoys excellent airlift. We all know that attractions such as the swimming pigs have won a lot of positive attention for our islands. We’re told that the second home market is also bullish. With such promising business trends arising, this year’s speakers will present on topics that highlight these new directions, pointing out Exuma’s challenges and opportunities in this regard,” said Joan Albury, president, TCL Group and creator of the seven-island Business Outlook Series.
Island Administrator Ivan Ferguson noted: “Exuma has the potential to fill void created by Abaco and Grand Bahama. Even in a traditionally low season we have recorded a slight increase in international and domestic visitors. There is also an uptick in construction,” he said.
Pedro Rolle, realtor and President, Exuma Chamber of Commerce agreed that Exuma tourism is growing.
“Interest in Exuma is strong as it has ever been. Exuma has the real estate, natural beauty, flights–people love coming here. We are also now seeing people who would have gone to Abaco coming here. The marketing Tourism (MOT) is doing, that The Bahamas is open, is working. Airbnbs are very busy. Real Estate is our heritage; we are not taking advantage of what is ours. Bahamians need to invest,” he said.
Joan Albury added: “It is important to identify challenges to growth as well. This is the pattern with all our Business Outlooks. All the speakers representing Exuma are agreed as to the challenges, with infrastructure problems topping the list. These include poor roads hampering overland travel, which makes it particularly difficult for visitors to travel at night to experience tourism product beyond their hotels. What is of particular concern, owing to the lack of training and growth in the local labour force, service quality is not on par with the excellence of Exuma’s tourism resort properties, which are among the best internationally.
“Echoed also was the inadequacy of provisions for local government and underperforming communications, which is negatively impacting ease of doing business. There is the need for electricity generation to match business expansion. However, it is promising that there has been a meeting between the IDB and BPL to discuss renewable energy for Exuma. This is good news. We are most grateful to our group of expert presenters and for the continuing partnership of the Exuma Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Tourism & Aviation, and a number of loyal sponsors. They contribute much to Business Outlook success,” Albury said.


Haven’t been to Exuma since 99. I went 3 summers in a row with my young daughters Layla and Gia. Layla has been back since as a young adult. Miss you Ginger, Stacey, sisters Roneika and Randeira and the generous hospitality of Ms. Veronica Marshall and sons at Marshall’s guest house and the delicious Towne Cafe. I am currently living in Colorado and hope to be back to Exuma within a year, maybe to live there for awhile. I miss it so. Fondest regards from your friend, Barbara Hope ♡♡♡

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