13 Haitians charged for drug bust

13 Haitians charged for drug bust

Thirteen Haitian migrants were brought before a judge Wednesday, in connection with a recent $135,000 drug bust off Matthew Town, Great Inagua.

Terry Nacius, 39; Wyslin Jospeh, 33; Angeline Lubin, 37; Lukenson Pierre, 36; Michel Amiscar, 47; Oscar Wendy, 23; Herod Pierre aka Marc Saint Marc Vernet, 26; Nelson Pierre aka Adnel Henry, 36; Micilio Cireus, 37; Edison Liberal, 50; Manitha Frefre, 26; Alatna Aly, 26 and Nicol Semelfort, 44, were all charged on four counts.

Charges included the possession of dangerous drugs with the intent to supply, the importation of dangerous drugs, the conspiracy to import dangerous drugs, and the conspiracy to possess dangerous drugs with the intent to supply.

Aside from those four charges, five of the defendants Aly, Nelson Pierre, Nelson Joseph, Erode Pierre, and Lubin were charged with the deceit of a public officer.

Police explained the five defendants being charged on the count of deceit, lied about their identity while being placed under arrest by officers.

Police reported Friday that while acting on information, they conducted a search on a sea vessel off of Matthew Town, Great Inagua, at which time, police said, officers found nine bags of cocaine hidden under a wooden block of the boat

Deputy Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain discharged 12 of the defendants who pleaded not guilty, while sentencing one defendant, Nacius, who was the only one to plead guilty on all charges.

For the five defendants who gave the wrong identification to officers while being placed under arrest, Swain sentenced them to two months at the Department of Corrections.