11 foreign nationals charged in court

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Eleven foreign nationals were convicted in a magistrate’s court on Wednesday.

The nationals comprised of nine Haitians and two Jamaicans.

The nationals were arraigned in magistrate’s court number 11 before Magistrate Kara Turnquest for various immigration offences.

A statement released yesterday from the Department of Immigration outlined that the  11 foreign nationals all pleaded guilty.

Stacy St. Louis, Magalie Pierre, Charles Jearony, Borcor Pierre, Jay-B Louis, Jack Daniel, Geff Prophete, Joselen Blanc and Joseph Schilert were convicted of illegal landing and turned over to The Department of Immigration for further processing and deportation.

Levar Palmer was convicted of overstaying and turned over to The Department of Immigration for deportation.

Omar Kemar McPherson was fined $500.00 for overstaying, but he was unable to pay this amount and was subsequently turned over to the Royal Bahamas Police Force for due process.

The Department of Immigration said the majority of these persons were arrested during ‘Operation Impact’ on March 2, 2019.