1000 public servants without status

More than 1000 persons engaged in the public service under the former administration and told to just “report to work”, remain without status, according to Minister of the Public Service and The National Insurance Board Brensil Rolle.

In his contribution to the mid-year budget Monday morning, Rolle lambasted the former Christie led administration for a job empowerment programme, which he claimed those people were hired under, lacked structure and a framework to sustain it.

“Individuals had no idea of what the terms of reference were in the public service. They were just told to report to work,” Rolle disclosed.

“There are more than 1,000 employees in this position and although they are paid, they can’t get a job letter or a loan because their status in the service is termed unknown.”

Rolle who now has carriage over this program said, the level of frustration among workers in this complex situation is growing.

The Ministry of Public Service, he said, is committed to correcting the long-standing issues.

“Mr. Speaker, this process cannot be allowed to continue. That is why the Free National Movement (FNM) has been elected to once again deal with these matters,” Rolle said.

“We are not like the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP). We will put the proper structure into this program, where the participants are told in writing, the terms. The private sector will also be invited to participate in the program given that they are tax compliant.”

Rolle concluded that the program will focus more on providing participants with education to shore up the health and social services sector.

“Unlike them {PLP], we care about our people,” Rolle said.