WSC launches nationwide collection effort

WSC launches nationwide collection effort

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) has embarked on a nationwide collections campaign.

The campaign was launched in an effort to improve collections and address the long-standing practice of allowing customers to have balances carried over for the next billing period without concern about their accounts being disconnected.

The Corporation, in a statement released Thursday, said it continues to exercise sensitivity to those who are actively trying to pay their bills and keep their accounts current.

“However, there are those who continue to allow an accumulation of their accounts and fail to honour financial agreements,” the Corporation said, adding that customers who struggle to pay have the option of setting up a payment plan while attempting to keep their new bills current.

The Corporation said they are also reaching out to returning customers.

“That is those who left city supply for private wells but live in an area with a central sewer system which they still must pay or those who use a well but are still accruing meter rental charges.  If that’s you, we consider you a returning customer and you may qualify to receive up to 50 per cent off even if you left 10, 15 or 20 years ago,” the Corporation said.

WSC said it is recognized that some customers also face some water quality concerns which they try to address on a per case basis and offer rebates in that regard.

Customers with high bills due to leaks may also receive assistance, WSC said.

The WSC said it remains committed to growing its business while continuing to improve its service level to customers, and it recognizes that sometimes change is painful but necessary for sustainability.