White Paper expected on tax initiative

White Paper expected on tax initiative
Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis speaks to members of the press after his return to the country on Sunday.

Plan to outline help for troubled inner-city

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis is expected to present a White Paper detailing exemptions and tax incentives for Over-the-Hill communities next Wednesday at a town hall meeting, according to Press Secretary Anthony Newbold.

Newbold said the paper will outline exactly what the Minnis administration plans to initiate in order to “improve the lives of those in troubled areas”.

Last year, Dr. Minnis announced that $5 million will be reserved in each budget cycle to help his administration accomplish key goals in the inner city.

Some of the promises made by the prime minister include a food market for native products, basketball courts, swimming pools, a sporting complex, a multipurpose community center and free Wi-Fi areas.

Dr. Minnis also pledged to eliminate the use of outside toilets and offer tax incentives to businesses in the inner city.

“This white paper will outline the tax incentives and details of how that program will work to provide economic relief to the inner city,” Newbold said.

“What will also be discussed (are) some of the targeted programs and initiatives to improve the lives of all residents over-the-hill, and certainly some of the areas troubled by any number of things.”

The inner city tax-free zone is expected to include Bain and Gants Town, Centerville, St Barnabas and Englerston.

After the project was initially announced, Opposition Leader Phillip Davis said, the $5 million for the revitalization was not enough and said the initiative was poorly planned.