Austin Knowles extradited to West Palm Beach

Austin Knowles extradited to West Palm Beach
Austin “Ozzie” Knowles being interviewed at The Bahamas Department of Corrections.

Eyewitness News has learned that suspected drug lord Austin “Ozzie” Knowles is now being held at a county jail in west Florida.

His former attorney Damien Gomez, QC, revealed as much in an exclusive interview Tuesday.

“He is in West Palm Beach, Florida at a county facility,” shared Gomez.

Gomez, Knowles’ “get out of Bahamian jail’ free card”, was responsible for fighting the alleged drug lord’s extradition battle.

The alleged drug kingpin was extradited to the United States (US) on May 4.

Knowles withdrew his application to the Privy Council and was subsequently extradited to the U.S. after complaining about uncomfortable and unhealthy conditions at the Bahamas Department of Corrections (BDOCs).

In an exclusive interview from behind bars, before he was extradited to the US, Knowles complained of inhumane conditions at the Fox Hill prison.

According to Knowles, wardens kept inmates locked in their cells for over 100 hours weekly.

“We only get to spend four hours out of a whole week outside. We go out for an hour on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. So, out of 168 hours during the week, we only get to spend four hours outside,” shared Knowles.

He said the local prison system has also unfairly labeled him, and others, as ‘high-risk’ individuals.

A practice, which Knowles suggests is discrimination.

“I don’t know why they have us labeled as ‘high-risk’ individuals. When we shower they have us showering with inmates who are murderers. So, I don’t see the difference between what makes us more high risk than they are,” he reasoned.

But, regular exercise, fresh air and alleged discrimination weren’t the only matters of contention for Knowles.

Knowles and the other inmates in the over-crowded facility would defecate and urinate in sloop buckets, in the same space where their meals would be served.

“We have no ventilation,” he said.

“This is not very humane.”

According to Gomez, an extradition was Knowles’ only way out.

Gomez said Knowles will return to court next week.

“On the 24th he goes back to court and at that time Knowles will indicate what strategy he would like to use moving forward. I have no idea what that strategy will be as his new US based legal team will lead that charge,” he said.