Trivento reintroduces premium wines

Trivento reintroduces premium wines
The British Colonial Hilton Nassau recently hosted a guided four-course meal to complement Trivento’s Premium and Reserve wines of Chardonnay, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. From left to right: Hilton’s Food and Beverage Manager Derek Smith; Executive Chef Janeth Rodriquez; and Rafael Miranda, Chief Winemaker, Trivento Wines. (photo credit: Azaleta Ishmael-Newry)

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Some wine companies have found The Bahamas consumes more sweet wine than any other country in the region.

This is certainly true for Argentina-based wine company Trivento, which introduced itself to the market Bahamian nearly nine years ago.

Chief winemaker Rafael Miranda recently told Eyewitness News Online the Bahamian market has evolved significantly over the years and is prime for growth and development.

“The brand is powerful here because we started almost nine years ago, introducing sweet wines because the Bahamian market was demanding that kind of wine, and now-a-days we see a great evolution of the market,” Miranda said.

“We see that the market has the potential to grow in all the ranges of wine, so that’s why we are introducing the premium wines and trying to push forward with those wines.

“We see a great potential, not only in the hotels, in the Bahamian consumer too, because we see that the evolution and knowledge of people in terms of wine is growing and that is good news.”

Miranda explained that since the company was introduced to the market, trends have shown that the knowledge of wines from consumers have evolved and Bahamians are now demanding different varieties in terms of origin and make.

“Other kinds of evolution is, you see that the temperature of service of the wines normally is the correct,” he went on to note.

“I’ve ate at different places and you see that they are serving world wines. It means that you see step-by-step and people are starting to learn about wine and it’s good news because it means people are interested in wines.”

He said for the future of the company here in The Bahamas, they want to ensure that consumers continue to thirst for more wine culture.

“In the long future we see that we will have to start to introduce wines of single vineyards, special collections and things like that because that will be the natural evolution of the market,” he added.

Miranda said the premium wines were launched five years ago but did not do well initially. He said with the new re-launch, the collection will now be available in hotels, restaurants and several stores.

The premium wines being reintroduced to The Bahamas include the Reserve Chardonnay, the Golden Reserve Chardonnay, the Golden Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Golden Reserve Malbec.

The Hilton Hotel hosts a monthly dinner where their new Chef Janeth Rodriguez prepares several dishes paired with a particular wine.