Shipyard slams “erroneous” foreign workers claim, says 80 percent of staff vaccinated

Shipyard slams “erroneous” foreign workers claim, says 80 percent of staff vaccinated
Ginger Moxey.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The Grand Bahama Shipyard has dismissed as “erroneous” allegations that it brought in foreign workers to mitigate a worker shortage as a result of not having enough vaccinated employees available.

Minister for Grand Bahama Ginger Moxey read in Parliament yesterday a statement from the shipyard chief executive David Skentelbery dismissing claims that foreign workers had been brought in.

She was addressing concerns raised again yesterday by East Grand Bahama Mp Kwasi Thompson over a vaccination mandate for sub-contractors of the shipyard.

The Grand Bahama Shipyard claims that it has no difficulty in sourcing enough vaccinated Bahamians from its local sub-contractor base to meet its needs.

According to Moxey, the shipyard’s COVID-19 vaccination policy states that all personnel directly employed with the shipyard have to be vaccinated or tested weekly at company’s expense. All sub-contractors must be vaccinated to enter the shipyard and were given three months notice regarding the requirement.

According to the GB Shipyard’s top executive, had it been legally possible it would have mandated vaccination for all employees, noting that vaccination was important to minimise the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and ensure business continuity. Eighty percent of the shipyard’s employees are vaccinated.

Each of the sub-contracts were advised since July of this year and they all agreed to this policy,” said Moxey.

Thompson said that if the Davis administration and the official Opposition disapprove of the policy that unvaccinated sub-contractors not be allowed to work or take a weekly COVID-19 test, a statement affirming that position should be directed to the shipyard. Thompson said he was advised that nearly 50 employees are affected by the policy.


Having foreign entities controlling your major workforce and dictating policies that are not legal is a shame. The work force on the islands has suffered continually on Grand Bahama and no government seems to back the employees from the Royal Oasis pullout to the Shipyard discrimination and then importing foreign labour while Locals go hungry.

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