SEE A NEED, FILL A NEED: US-based export company offers Bahamians personal shopping and shipping

SEE A NEED, FILL A NEED: US-based export company offers Bahamians personal shopping and shipping
Enise Dalisma, chief executive officer of Kourtney's Foreign Kart.

“Our company has been able to service numerous businesses and help them to override some of the limits that have been going on”

Wholesale and retail giants sourced for inventory

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — As reports of impending shipping and supply challenges loom over the Bahamian marketplace, a US-based export shopping company is presenting Bahamian businesses and customers alike with a cost-effective way to circumvent the issue. 

Enise Dalisma, CEO of Kourtney’s Foreign Kart.

Kourtney’s Foreign Kart, headed by Bahamian entrepreneur Enise Dalisma, is introducing the wider Bahamian public to her highly sought-after shopping company that features a range of services like personal shopping, virtual shopping, package consolidation, warehousing and pallet assembly. 

“Our company has been able to service numerous businesses and help them to override some of the limits that have been going on in a few of the stores such as Sam’s Club — the limits there are ridiculous — and for business owners that normally rely on that heavily to restock their stores,” she explained in an interview with Eyewitness News

“It has been really hectic for them. 

“Now, our company has been able to stand with Sam’s Club in order to get those clients that we have situated, to have their stores well-stocked and fully equipped with the necessities the Bahamian people would need to navigate their everyday life.” 

Though Dalisma is calling on more Bahamians to take advantage of her company’s innovative services, the business already keeps a robust roster of local clientele that sprawls along the archipelago. 

Kourtney’s Foreign Kart sources its inventory from wholesale and retail giants like Sam’s Club, Walmart, Target, Jetro and Primark.

Among the myriad of shopping, shipping and warehouse services offered, personal shopping is most requested by Bahamians. 

“We specialize in personal shopping, which a lot of Bahamian people knew us specifically for — virtual shopping where we would give Bahamian people the opportunity to shop even without even having to be here — and it was a great experience for a number of them,” said the 24-year-old chief executive officer

“We do virtual shopping, we do in-store shopping [by list] and we’re offering business owners suites. 

“As the company expands, we have implemented suites to help businesses thrive and save.

“These suites give business owners small and large stability and consistency, all with one monthly rate to accommodate their starting, maintaining and restocking needs.

Pallets of cases of toilet paper purchased by a client.

“On our end, we control their inventory, we shop for them, we package them, we palletize them and deliver them to the boating company of their choice or we ship it.

“From groceries to clothing, we do it all; no job too big, no job too small.”

According to Dalisma, the company sources its inventory from numerous types of businesses — not just grocery stores — and fulfills the task of locating and keeping a list of vendors for their clients.

Wholesale and retail giants like Sam’s Club, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Jetro Restaurant Depot, Sawgrass Mills, Walmart, Target, Primark and a selection of outlets are some of the stores frequented for items. 

In just under two years, the company has already drawn the support and engagement of both local and foreign consumers, amassing over 33,000 followers on the company’s official Facebook page.

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Written by Eyewitness News Intern Gabrielle Sterling

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