Sands: Arawak Cay bathroom ‘disgusting’

Sands: Arawak Cay bathroom ‘disgusting’

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The men’s public bathroom at Arawak Cay poses a hazard for many as construction work on the facility remains incomplete.  It’s an issue that former president of The Bahamas Contractors Association (BCA) Leonard Sands referred to on Wednesday as “disgusting”.

“To be very honest, I am really saddened to have to be in this place [at Arawak Cay] expressing my deep concern because of the lack of responsibility taking place at the fish fry,” Sands said.

The former BCA president claimed that some eight weeks ago, he entered the men’s bathroom facility at Arawak Cay and held a conversation with the manager about the bathroom’s state, mainly the urinal area.

“His response was that we would get it sorted out in two weeks,” Sands claimed.

Sands said he has since offered to send persons to Arawak Cay to board up the bathroom facility, and to avoid what he termed “a national embarrassment” and to avoid injury.

“I don’t want my nieces or nephews to stumble in there or persons coming home for Christmas to send their children in there and fall on debris. This concerns me,” Sands lamented.

The former BCA president said he is also disappointed in the manager and is calling for the matter to be corrected as soon as possible because first impressions are lasting.

Eyewitness News highlighted the conditions at the Arawak Cay restroom back in May, 2018. At the time, Transport Minister Renward wells, who at the time served as Agriculture Minister with the responsibility of Arawak Cay, assured that the problem would be rectified in just a few months.

Now, seven months since this claim was made, the bathroom remains in a deplorable and unsafe state.

Eyewitness News attempted to reach persons in charge of bathroom repairs at Arawak Cay as well as the minister responsible for Arawak Cay for comment, but our attempts were unsuccessful.

Meanwhile Sands said since expressing his concerns about the Arawak Cay bathrooms in a lengthy post on Facebook, he has reportedly received death threats.