Redskins host annual Bahamas summer camp

Redskins host annual Bahamas summer camp
Several Washington Redskins - current and former players - along with coaches were in The Bahamas this weekend for the teams annual Bahamas summer camp.

The Washington Redskins, in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism (MOT), hosted its second annual Redskins Bahamas Football Camp on Saturday at Melia Beach. 


The single-day event featured several current and former Redskins players and coaches, and placed emphasis on the fundamentals of the sport, conditioning and the importance of developing good habits. 


MOT Marketing Manager and event organizer Jeff Rodgers said, it’s important to introduce local kids to new avenues that could lead to college scholarships and other opportunities. 


“I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring the team over once again and allowing our youth to be exposed to professional athletes,” Rodgers said about the camp.


“It’s important for kids to be able to see and interact with these guys and be able to see someone they can aspire to be like in person. Athletes have a lot of influence, and I’m thankful we’re able to give some of our local kids such a great opportunity.”


One of the players at the camp was sixth-year free safety D.J. Swearinger.


“It’s great anytime you have the opportunity to work with kids. I love it and appreciate the opportunity,” Swearinger said about his time at the camp.


“This is my first time in The Bahamas, and I’m glad we have the opportunity to travel outside of the United States (US) to talk about football and also help encourage the youth. I was in their position not too long ago, and I wished I could interact with professionals and get to see how they go about their business.


“We also want to teach the importance of education and knowing how to conduct yourself on and off the field.”