Pop-up park burglarized during weekend lockdown

Pop-up park burglarized during weekend lockdown
Tin Ferl pop-up vendor community at the Dundas Centre for the Performing Arts

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Following a few weeks of reopening success, the Tin Ferl pop-up vendor community has reported it was burglarized during the most recent weekend lockdown.

According to a statement, customers and vendors were shocked and saddened to find three food trucks were broken into with thousands of dollars of equipment, inclusive of three generators and food & beverage inventory, stolen.

Managing Director Brandon Kemp said: “It really is unfortunate that after working so hard to stay afloat during the pandemic, these vendors now have to deal with having their livelihood stripped away from them by thieves.

“We really have enjoyed our partnership with The Dundas and have been so appreciative of the stakeholders for working with us to provide a safe environment for our organization. We have no doubt that along with our 125 registered vendors and partners who provide us with training, branding, and support services, we will be equipped for continued success despite this setback.”

The pop-up park, led by Kemp, Alicia “Puppy” Robinson-Treco, and Kendrick Delaney Jr., has reportedly seen tremendous growth over the past six months, branding itself as a trusted food & beverage mecca for Bahamians looking for diverse culinary choices during the now-limited hours of movement.

Over 18 vendors pop up at the park on a weekly basis and employ the historic performing arts property to showcase their additions to Bahamians seeking unique culinary delights in a safe and clean environment.

“Brandon, Puppy and Kendrick with the help of The Dundas have built a safe and supportive community for Bahamian entrepreneurs,” said​ Lazar Delorenzo Charlton, Tin Ferl’s Public Relations Manager.

“There is no doubt that this curveball will only provide an opportunity for the community to grow and continue to support the vendors who are there to build a legacy and support their families.​

“This is a perfect opportunity for supporters of the Bahamian entrepreneurial community to reach out to Tin Ferl and partner with the organization to support the vendors by coming out to grab lunch and dinner at the park, and assist if they would like by providing additional resources so the community can continue to flourish.”