Police officer shoots ‘armed’ motorcyclist

Police officer shoots ‘armed’ motorcyclist

NASSAU, BAHAMAS- A police officer yesterday shot a motorcyclist in the leg after he allegedly pulled out a firearm.

According to police, the officer was on routine patrol when he saw a man riding an unlicensed motorcycle.

“The officer attempted to stop the driver, who continued speeding, followed by the officer,” read a police report. “As they were on Moore venue, the officers observed the driver of the motor cycle pulled a black firearm from his waist.”

It continued: “The officers being in fear for his life, fired his service weapon in the direction of the male, hitting him to his leg and causing him to fall to the ground.”

According to police, officers said they saw a black man pick up the firearm and run from the area. The injured man is listed in stable condition at hospital.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing, police said.