Op-Ed: The Bahamas’ independence — everyday men and women on a mission

Op-Ed: The Bahamas’ independence — everyday men and women on a mission
The flag is raised at 12.01am on July 10, 2021, during the Independence Day flag raising ceremony at Clifford Park. (BIS/KEMUEL STUBBS)

By Allyson Maynard-Gibson, QC

“Majority rule and political independence were achieved without shedding even a drop of blood. I can imagine no circumstance that would allow any of that marvelously daring experience to recur, hence younger generations cannot fully relate to the sometimes wistful, sometimes delightful feelings of achievement, the gratitude, the noble thoughts, the willing sacrifices and the treasured memories of their elders of nearly forgotten days. They were not the experiences of sages, but of everyday men and women on a mission, brought together at the right time, in the right place, to play the right parts, to gain the right results, a great deal of good results.” — “Put on More Speed” by Sir Clement Maynard

Allyson Maynard-Gibson.

We stand on the shoulders of those everyday men and women who created a country where people can fully develop their God-given potential and rise to the highest height. Bahamians are Rhodes Scholars, Olympians, Grammy and Oscar award winners, cultural giants, NASA scientists, award-winning computer code writers and so much more.

I recall seeing the Bahamian flag ascend the flagpole and unfurl into the breeze of an independent Bahamas. I do lift up my head every time that I sing the national anthem. You probably do too.

This year, we are still in a pandemic as we celebrate Bahamian independence.

Our legacy is the willing sacrifices of those everyday men and women who were on a mission. As we celebrate our 48th anniversary and approach of the golden anniversary of sovereignty, it is my prayerful hope that, in emerging from the pandemic and always, we shall ever recognize the supremacy of God, and in solemn praise, do all in our power to ensure that no person’s life will be frustrated by deprivation and to support the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual.

I thank and salute all the men who signed the Independence Order, especially those still living. On Independence Day 2021, let us remember and never forget that it takes good citizens, everyday people like you and me, to make The Bahamas great.

Happy Independence, Bahamas.