Hope lockdown don’t extend another month. Grand Bahamians and Abaconians need extensive work repairs to be prepared for hurricane season. Lockdown until when covid19 spread ceases is detrimental to us. Finding a vaccine is the reason for this long process. What is the penalty for refusing to take the vaccine is my main concern. Will it be mandatory? Let’s pray for a no hurricane Matthew ? or Dorian season . What will the government do then when it had no response mechanism in aiding the plight of our recovery. Thank God ? for foreign assistance which we can no longer depend on. We need building materials, financial aid and work assistance. We need your intervention Lord.

We need to have a vote of no confidence in parliament.This idiot keeps extending this lockdown whenever its end date nears.It doesnt seem like he wants to reopen

So here is a counter argument. Have you gotten your cold vacine? No?

Covid19 mutates, quick. Possibly as quickly as the flu or even cold.


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