No additional govt. lay-offs, says public service minister

No additional govt. lay-offs, says public service minister
Minister with responsibility of the National Insurance Board (NIB), Brensil Rolle.

Garden Hills Member of Parliament (MP) and Minister of Public Service Brensil Rolle said outside Cabinet Tuesday, that there will not be any additional layoffs in the public sector in the near future.

In responding to questions from Eyewitness News Rolle said, “No, I don’t anticipate there will be more layoffs in the public sector.”

“What we did was take two principle positions; one, we were not going to re-engage pensioners and offer them two salaries,” he said.

“The second option we took was those persons who were on programs, and they were not performing, we would not renew their relationships.”

As it relates to pensioners, Rolle emphasised that people cannot receive both their salary and pensions.

“In accordance with the law, we took the principle to ask persons to choose, and those persons who chose, pensions were disengaged,” he stressed.

Nearly 70 persons chose to take the pension package and retire from their previous posts, according to the minister. However, the government he said, is open to re-engaging their services if it is necessary.

“The position is very simple,” Rolle said.

“If there is a need in the government to have their services, we would engage you … have you hired.

“The underline position though, is that you would not get both pension and a salary.”