Nearly 200 inner-city kids enroll in scholarship program

Nearly 200 inner-city kids enroll in scholarship program
Member of Parliament for Bains and Grants Town, Travis Robinson. (FILE PHOTO)

Over 180 inner city residents are currently enrolled in a $150,000 scholarship program which is geared toward equipping participants with entrepreneurial skills to become small business owners.

The program, which operates on a 10-week schedule, is a result of a public-private partnership (PPP) between government and Cyber Tech Career College.

The Bain and Grants Town Center for Academic Development and Enrichment is facilitating the program.

Now three weeks into the program, Member of Parliament (MP) for Bain & Grants Town Travis Robinson said, the inaugural program is progressing successfully.

“We aimed for 200 residents within the community to sign up for the program. We currently have 184 enrolled,” shared Robinson.

“So far it’s been an amazing journey and the community received it with open arms.”

Students are currently enrolled in entrepreneurship and small business development, computer studies, e-commerce and internet marketing, as well as customer service courses.

“We are trying to bring a holistic approach to it. So, once the course is completed, there will be a job fair in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour for the 184 student cohort,” revealed Robinson.

“The private and public sector will work in tandem to interview these graduates for prospective jobs.

“The top four persons will receive various stipends to enable them to pursue their respective entrepreneurial initiatives.”

The centre, he said, will appoint a Chancellor next week.

“This is a much anticipated program that we have launched and I am excited about the future prospects of it,” he said.


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