Man shot by police after shootout in Carmichael and high-speed chase

Man shot by police after shootout in Carmichael and high-speed chase

NASSAU, BAHAMAS  — A high-speed chase that began at the intersection of Gladstone Road and Carmichael Road shortly after 9pm resulted in a man being shot by police.

According to reports, officers from the COVID-19 enforcement unit were in the area when they observed two vehicles exchange gunfire.

Officers from the unit then pursued a black vehicle along Carmichael Road, but it was able to evade them.

Officers on mobile patrol were alerted and identified a vehicle fitting the description near the St Vincent Road area.

A chase ensued onto Blue Hill Road and the occupants in the black vehicle began shooting at the officers, hitting the patrolling unit.

The chase continued onto Soldier Road where the vehicle collided with a utility pole at the intersection of Old Trail Road and Soldier Road.

Police said an assailant exited the vehicle and pointed a gun in the direction of the officers, who, “being cognizant of the imminent threat toward their lives”, fired their weapons, hitting the suspect. 

The man was injured, EMS was called and he was taken to hospital where he was listed in stable condition.

Police did not indicate whether there was more than one person involved and also did not advise what happened to the vehicle that was exchanging gunfire in the initial incident.