Man dies in boat explosion

Man dies in boat explosion

An Andros man, unofficially identified as Cassius Gaitor, died during a boating accident yesterday.

Gaitor reportedly went on a fishing expedition with four other male friends when the boat reportedly exploded.

Police reports indicated that shortly after 10 a.m., five men from Andros were on a fishing trip some three miles off Morgan’s Bluff, when their boat caught afire and an explosion occurred.

North Andros resident Sheldon Barr who assisted the rescue efforts told Eyewitness News that the five men all jumped overboard for safety.

“After they jumped many them attempted to swim back, but Cassius was found dead. We believe he may have drowned,” Barr said. He added that he was taken to shore where he was pronounced dead by the island’s local doctor.

“He was a father, a regular fisherman, and this is something that we knew he did all the time.”

Police said investigations into this incident are expected to continue.