KFC launches Junkanoo buckets competition

KFC launches Junkanoo buckets competition
The Valley Boys Junkanoo group performs under the theme “Wildlife on the Great Serengti” in December 2019.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Although the traditional Junkanoo parades have been canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, KFC Nassau yesterday announced it will be launching its own campaign for Junkanoo lovers to “get their creative juices flowing and have a chance to win big cash prizes”.

KFC Nassau is challenging the Junkanoo community to create their most elaborate headpiece, upload a photo to junkanoobuckets.kfcnassau.com, share on their social media pages using the hashtag #JunkanooBuckets and ask their friends to go to the contest site to vote for their design.

The headpiece with the most likes will win.

“What makes this competition truly unique is that an actual KFC chicken bucket must be used in some way in the construction of each headpiece,” the company said in a statement making the announcement.

“…In order to maintain the integrity of Junkanoo design, all headpieces must also include visibly undecorated fringed crepe paper, however artists are allowed to utilize all the customary tricks and embellishments in their overall design.”

It added, “Recognizing that the group rivalry is an essential part of the Junkanoo experience, KFC Nassau invites each entrant to identify which Junkanoo group they belong to or support. The Junkanoo group with the most entries claiming an affiliation will also win a substantial cash prize.

“Similar to the ‘A’ and ‘B’ divisions in the New Providence Junkanoo parades, KFC Nassau has created two divisions to give all groups, regardless of size, a chance to win.”

The company announced winning prizes as: $5,000 for the winning individual headpiece; $3,000 for second place; and $1,500 for third place. The Junkanoo group that wins “Group 1” will receive $12,000 and the group claiming the “Group 2” win will receive $8,000.

The deadline for entries is January 4, 2021, with voting to close on January 8 and winners to be announced on January 11.

According to KFC Nassau’s statement, its competition has been endorsed by National Junkanoo Committee (NJC) co-chairs Dr Dwight Marshall and Kishlane Smith.

“The beauty of this is the excitement to celebrate Junkanoo like it’s never been done before,” Smith was quoted as saying. “It is also so wonderful to have an initiative that involves the entire Bahamas, so congratulations to KFC for bringing this to fruition.”

Will Grant, general manager, Restaurants Bahamas, operators of KFC Nassau, added: “We know how disappointing the cancellation of the upcoming Boxing Day and New Year’s Day Junkanoo parades is for everyone who loves this essential part of our Bahamian culture, so we have found a way for the show to go on in a most unique way.

“…While the KFC bucket doesn’t have to be visible on the outside decoration in order to qualify, we at KFC Nassau would of course be thrilled to see someone design a headpiece with our brand front and center.”

Grant said, “We can’t wait to see how creative everyone gets with their KFC Junkanoo Buckets headpiece designs. This pandemic may have put a stop to Junkanoo parades this season, but it can’t stop the creativity or passion for Junkanoo and celebration of this uniquely Bahamian pastime.”