Island Luck adds 50 to its workforce

Island Luck adds 50 to its workforce

Island Luck welcomed 50 new employees at a training workshop Monday aimed at preparing the hopefuls for what is expected of them in the ever-advancing gaming industry.

The employees – whose jobs range from marketing manager to cashiers – will be spread through the company’s New Providence locations.

Island Luck’s Operations Manager Antoinette Lotmore said, the first of its kind training session for the brand, is intended to make the new employees feel “more like family” than staff.

“Today (Monday) we are welcoming 50 new staff members to Island Luck,” she said.

“They have already been through practical training and now this is their opportunity to meet the leaders of the company and understand what the company is all about,” she said.

“Persons who are outside Island Luck really don’t understand everything we have going on, so today the staff will be introduced to operations, the marketing department, surveillance department and the customer service department. They will meet the leaders and really get a feel of who is who in this company, the direction we are taking this company in and we show them what we do here.

“We want everyone to feel like they are family here. This is the first training of this sort, we do training all the time but this is the first time we decided to have a welcome reception. We find persons join the company and they feel like strangers. So we thought we should bring them in and make them feel like family.”

Adaline Lubin, manager of the Collins Avenue branch said, she started as a cashier and worked her way to manager in six years, and hopes to encourage the new employees to take advantage of all the opportunities that are afforded to them.

“During my time, I started off as a cashier and I monitored different persons… I learned how persons handled customers and how they dealt with customers. And that’s what I hope to teach the new employees,” she said.

“I will teach them how to deal with disgruntled customers because you don’t want to add flames to the fire. So, we should continue to smile when we deal with those persons and thank them for choosing Island Luck because you know two wrongs don’t make a right. Once you greet them and smile you will find that persons are automatically nicer to you.”