Hall to Dept of Immigration: Treat Haitians humanely

Hall to Dept of Immigration: Treat Haitians humanely
Bishop Simeon Hall.

Bishop Simeon Hall, yesterday, called on the Department of Immigration to treat Haitians ‘fairly and humanely’. The mandate came as part of his address to members of the Berean Evangelical Baptist Church.

“I believe every Haitian who can meet the legitimate policies set down by the Immigration Department should be given favourable consideration and regularized in a reasonable time,” said Hall. “At the same time, those Haitians who are in the country illegally, will have to face the law of the land, and possible deportation.”

Hall, who has spent more than 30 years working in tandem with the Haitian community, also advised the congregation not to uphold Bahamian laws and to not feed into the corrupt schemes of some Immigration officers.

“Some Haitians make it more difficult for other Haitians. But the laws of The Bahamas must be upheld,” said Hall. “Those law abiding citizens in your Community have a responsibility to ensure that others whom you can influence follow suit.

“I also call on the Haitian Community not to feed on the corruption sometimes found in the Department of Immigration. Do not give your hard earned money – in some cases, three and four thousand dollars – to unscrupulous Immigration Officers – often times to end up with nothing.

“I believe that Haitians – like Bahamians – are human beings, made in the image of God, and should be treated as such.”