Govt. to draft new social services bill

Govt. to draft new social services bill
Social Services Minister Lanisha Rolle.

The government is in the process of drafting a bill designed to holistically address the work of Social Services and recognize the professional status of social workers Social Services Minister Lanisha Rolle said Tuesday.

Rolle made the announcement as she expressed appreciation to all social workers in observance of Social Workers’ Month at a luncheon at the British Colonial Hilton yesterday.

According to the minister, a Social Services Client Guide, an information booklet, will soon be published for the benefit of clients

Rolle used the occasion to celebrate the work of former Social Services Director, Mellany Zonicle, who retired after over 40 years of public service.

The minister also advised social workers of her requirement for them to equally serve the indigent, the fatherless, the motherless, the marginalized, the disabled, minorities, widows and widowers and seniors with excellence.

“I am committed to representing the Ministry under which you serve to raise awareness of your legitimate concerns for justifiable compensation and adequate working conditions, and for ensuring that a career path is established so that as you help others, you receive the love, care and attention that you equally require and deserve,” she said.

Acknowledging awareness of the sleepless nights and endless days of social workers, Rolle encouraged social workers to adopt a fitness regimen  and get assistance in managing work-related stress.