New agency to crack down on illegal mining of natural resources

New agency to crack down on illegal mining of natural resources
National Security Minister Wayne Munroe gives DPP update at Police Headquarters

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — The government is establishing a new agency that will enforce all of the country’s laws concerning its natural resources, according to National Security Minister Wayne Munroe.

While addressing the Abaco Business Outlook conference yesterday, Munroe said that The Bahamas Wildlife Enforcement Network, intended to be an armed law enforcement agency, will be focused on tackling illegal mining and the illegal extraction of plant and animal materials.

“I’m advised that after the passage of every storm, some of the people who come purportedly to help us leave with our plant material, our endangered species, and extract things from our environment that suit them and their purposes,” Munroe said.

“If you do not have an organization that concentrates on something, it is likely to go unattended.”

According to Munroe, the establishment of the agency is underway.

“There is a steering committee that has been formed, and they are currently gearing up to launch. It is anticipated that in this current legislative year, the legislation should be presented to Parliament to make that a reality.”