FNM claim: ‘PLP using paid vacation to spew rhetoric’

FNM claim: ‘PLP using paid vacation to spew rhetoric’

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – The Free National Movement (FNM) wasted no time on Monday to respond to the Progressive Liberal Party’s criticism of the prime minister’s rally speech in Grand Bahama over the weekend.

“The PLP, in response to the prime minister’s speech in Grand Bahama, penned a senseless press release on Friday that showed just how desperate they are to gain relevance,” the FNM said in a statement issued yesterday.

“The old and tired Brave Davis made another miserable attempt at altering history. You know old Brave must be tired when he claims the FNM has done nothing, and in the next paragraph, tries to steal credit for the government’s job creation in Grand Bahama.”

According to the FNM, the PLP’s track record in Grand Bahama is so abysmal, there is nothing the PLP leader could say that would make Bahamians forget about the PLP’s alleged corruption, mismanagement and failures.

“And now that the FNM government is moving the needle in the right direction, the PLP will say anything to maintain the status quo,” the FNM claimed.

“Now in disarray, the dismal PLP is once again trying to erase their disaster of a record from the people’s minds, but Bahamians aren’t buying it.

“People remember how the PLP wrecked the economy, allowed education to deteriorate and turned corruption into an art form while rejecting transparency at every turn.

“They remember demanding answers about BAMSI and VAT, among other scandals, only to be ignored by the PLP’s masters of corruption.”

The FNM said in contrast to the PLP’s five years in office, the government is doing what it said it would do: grow jobs and increase opportunity.

According to the FNM, the government is capitalizing on opportunities for local businesses to succeed and for local labour to be utilized.

Additionally, the FNM said Dr. Minnis and his cabinet are focused on long-term solutions to reduce the nation’s debt and provide more incentives for job growth.

“Instead of contributing to the progress in Grand Bahama and assisting in projects that will bring jobs, the PLP has walked out on the people,” the FNM claimed.

“Their paid vacation is an insult to Bahamians who have suffered the PLP’s selfish ways for too long.

“If this woeful PLP really cared about mending the damage they’ve done, they would go back to work and return their compensation for the time they refused to do their jobs.

“Know that with or without the PLP, the FNM will continue working for the people and fighting for a better future,” the FNM’s statement concluded.