FNM chairman bashes Opposition leader as “hypocrite”

FNM chairman bashes Opposition leader as “hypocrite”
Leader of the Opposition Philip Brave Davis.

Opposition and Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis is a “hypocrite”, said Free National Movement (FNM) Chairman Carl Culmer, who on Sunday, insisted the opposition leader come clean about his dealings with the Water & Sewerage Corporation (W&SC) instead of bashing and bringing into question the transparency of the nation’s leader.

In a statement on Sunday, Culmer sought to address what he said, was Davis’s hypocritical comments on transparency, amid his continued refusal to answer questions and explain what happened at the W&SC, while he was the Minister of Works.

“The people are still waiting Brave!” Culmer said.

“On one hand the old and tired Brave Davis demands transparency from Prime Minister Minnis, yet on the other hand he conveniently forgets he told us that he ‘was preparing a response’ and needed to ‘refresh his memory’ when asked specific questions about his nefarious and illicit schemes at the WSC under his watch.

“It is so stunning for Brave Davis of all people to lead the latest PLP nonsensical political attack focusing on transparency of all issues.”

The chairman continued saying the prime minister’s house is clean on the issue and said it is open to all and that he is accountable to the people he serves.

However, Culmer claimed, the people know that Davis cannot make the same claim with a “straight face”.

“Each and every day, the old and tired Brave Davis becomes a little more delusional about what is going on around him.  While the people long ago grew tired of the antics and continued smoke and mirrors – casting the PLP out in historic fashion last May, Brave Davis and his PLP have yet to heed the people’s message.

“When it comes to true transparency, it is time for Brave Davis to ‘refresh’ his memory and give truthful answers once and for all to the many questions surrounding his corrupt actions at the WSC.

“As it has been reported, why were payments made to a company that was partially owned by his personal secretary when the people in charge of WSC opposed making those payments?  What happened to the project that was given to his personal secretary’s company, a company that received millions of the people’s money but never completed the project?  Brave Davis’s hypocrisy knows no bounds, but the time for him to be accountable for his actions is at hand.  The clock is ticking Brave. The people deserve answers, and they’ve grown tired of the antics.”